Working with local data

Working with local data

The Local Regulogs panel allows a regulog collection to be loaded from the local device and displayed in the application.

The regulog collection should be formatted in the same manner as a collection saved by the Save Regulog function in the other panels.

The document is organised as a sequence of blocks with the following structure:

[optional blank lines]
[one blank line]
[at least one blank line]

Valid table names and column headings are set out in the following table.

Table Name Column Headings
Regulogs effector, regulationType, regulatorFamily, regulatorName, regulogId, taxonName, pathway, numGroups
Regulons regulonId, regulogId, genomeId, genomeName, regulatorName, regulatorFamily, regulationType, effector, pathway, groupNumber
Genes regulonId, vimssId, name, locusTag, geneFunction, goTerm
Regulators regulonId, vimssId, name, locusTag, regulatorFamily
Sites geneLocusTag, geneVIMSSId, position, regulonId, score, sequence