Making comparisons

Regulog Comparison

The Regulon Comparison displays a variant of the normal reuglog view which performs logical comparisons between pairs of regulons.

The Regulon 1 and Regulon 2 boxes are used to choose the two regulons to compare. This defaults to the first two regulons in the regulog. The wagon-wheel representation of AND, OR and XOR logical operations will be displayed for the selected regulons, combined into one wagon-wheel for each comparison.

Example of the View Regulog page in TRNDiff

If more than two regulons have been compared, these two boxes will be replaced by a Referencebox, which instead allows the reference regulon of the current comparison to be changed. A button will also appear that will reset the comparison to the default two network comparison.

Selecting regulons in the main view will normally alter the comparison view to compare the selected regulons. If more than two were selected, the first selected regulon will act as the reference regulon, while all other selected regulons will be compared against it in a OR logical operation. To disable this behaviour, the Comparison lock option can be toggled.

Clear Selection, Highlight GO Term, Highlight Search and Zoom Level options will operate the same as in the normal display.